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Hello Everyone, how are you?

I am an animal communicator, multi-dimensional healer and light language facilitator. If either of my live events interest you, would love for you to join!

Live ANIMAL COMMUNICATION discussion Tuesday the 6th at 5:30 pm EST.

Animal communication is the ability to have a conversation with your beloved pet.

Do you wish you could....

🐈 Understand their needs and desires

🐕 Hear your pets words of wisdom

🐎 Discover your pet's mission with you

🐢 Connect with your transitioned furbaby

🐐 Explore origins of trauma from past lives

🦎 And so much more...

A Class all about the MAGIC OF LIGHT LANGUAGE, Saturday 3rd at 5:00 PM EST

Light language does the following and so much more...

🦋 Clears trauma at the cellular level AUTOMATICALLY! So you do not continue to attract similar situations, health issues and disease.

🦋 Releases old density, toxic beliefs and patterns AUTOMATICALLY

🦋 Activates/upgrades dormant DNA

🦋 Light language can expedite manifestations

--We will be connecting with the beautiful ocean for a deep chakra cleanse and activation on Saturday!

Jen Engevik
Heidi Millar

Thank you for sharing!!!! Loved learning about your work yesterday.



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