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Michelle Williams

This little guy makes me smile 😊❤️

Patti Scallan
Victoria Vaughn
Michelle Williams

Don't leave anything for later.

Later, the coffee gets cold.

Later, you lose interest.

Later, the day turns into night.

Jen Engevik
Victoria Vaughn
Shandrika McDowell

Yes Jen, we all need to get going!


We've had some great reads published recently by our community - sharing a couple here now:

#1 - By @TK Mason Silencing Anxiety's Assault: Unleashing Neuroplasticity's Brain-Body Healing Powers #2 - By @Heidi Millar - The Absence of Sidewalks in American Urban Design: A Historical Perspective: #3 - By @scott thorneycroft - Chapter 1 of a Story Close to His Heart:

Jen Engevik


Welcome to The Authentic Rebel! This is the spot where you c...
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