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On the vast expanse of ocean blue,

A little boat sets sail, just like you.

"You are enough," the waves gently sing,

A melody of strength the currents bring.

No need to cross the widest, deepest seas,

For in your heart lies all that you please.

The tides may pull, the storms may seem so tough,

Yet still, my friend, you are enough.

"Even after all this time,

The sun never says to the earth, 'You owe me.," whispers Hafiz.

And like the sun, your light so sublime,

Guides you through the darkest waves, so free.

Embrace the wind, the salt upon your face,

For in these trials, you find your grace.

Each ebb and flow, each crest and trough,

A testament that you are enough.

In every voyage, in every gentle breeze,

Believe in you, and sail with ease.

For in this life, so vast and sometimes rough,

Remember always, you are enough.

Jen Engevik
Marc Bali
Francesca Siciliano
Shandrika McDowell

I like the poem I was wondering who the author was>???

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