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Being 'Authentic' can mean many things to different people.

Here's one of my dearest friends, Shari Belafonte a woman who has always been authentically and genuinely HERSELF.. living by her own rules and standards and traditions that were long instilled in both hers, her sisters and brothers lives by parents Harry & Marguerite Belafonte. Her message to young, impressionable girls, and adult women is "never be afraid to be different to your peers, because society demands you must look, think, feel, behave, dress according to it's own's ok to being apologetically yourself even if some may not agree with your focus in life... as long as you are not harming others, let alone yourself, planting seeds for those who can also grow and bloom that's all that matters."

Humanity, empathy and encouraging, empowering women, and men, children seems to have slipped into the void of the 'never never'.... this is why its imperative to not compete with one another, but to stand by each other even if we feel we cannot provide the help, guidance they may need.. there's always SOMETHING you bear within your being, that could potentially uplift others.

Jen Engevik
Pamela Grant
Shandrika McDowell

Love it! Will check the link out. She sounds like such a beautiful person. I encourage you to post an article about her via your account. I gave you publishing capabilities. If you'd to... we'd love to read it. Thank you for sharing. I totally agree about standing up with one another versus competing. That's one of the major things we're talking about here at The Authentic Rebel. How can we create a community that doesn't limit community members based on the number of "followers" or "likes" they receive. We're thinking in the background about how we can make this a beautiful experience for everyone, rather than a platform for the few that know how to create followings.

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