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Let's Live in the Essence of Perfect Love Energy. My dear Friend and Mentor Dr. Angelo Anthony Zaffuto, Ph.D, who was so graciously introduced to me by Lynn Buettner, asked me before his passing to continue to carry the torch and spread the word about the essence of living a life in Perfect Love. In Angelo's book "Living Perfect Love" with Forward written by Louise Hay Angelo describes Living Perfect Love Energy.

"Perfect Love Energy is the vibrational energy that brings harmony and balance to the human body and earthly life. When you are consciously aware of your own perfect love energy, you experience that all good changes that will come, will come from the essence of your Perfect Love Energy. We all possess the Perfect Love Energy-abundantly, equally, and infinitely. It is the common bond and connection with all that exists in the Universe. In order to restore balance and harmony on earth all humans will learn once again how to manifest and enjoy the empowerment of Perfect Love energy". Love Heals!

Michelle Williams
Jen Engevik
Heidi Millar
Marc Bali
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