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COMMON GROUND - one of the most important documentaries of our time! Have you seen this incredible film yet?! It's one of the most important documentaries of our time and is on the topic of SOIL HEALTH & how we need to regenerate our soil in order to thrive. I'm deeply passionate about nutrition education especially when it comes to our soil health. We are sicker than we've ever been before and so is our Earth. When the earth is sick, so are we. I am an advocate for all things regeneration and we can't ignore the fact that our farming practices and chemical food system are leading to chronic dis-ease. If anyone here is curious about detoxing from harmful chemicals like Glyphosate (which is found in RoundUp weedkiller) and healing the integrity of your gut, I'm your gal and I'd love to connect with you! If you are curious about this film, here is the link on YouTube! Please share with your community! I'd also love to hear your thoughts on it. Connect with me on Instagram ◡̈

Jen Engevik
Marc Bali
Heidi Millar
Victoria Vaughn
Marc Bali
Marc Bali
04 jun.

Thank you for posting this valuable information. It's crucial that more people become aware of the importance of soil health and the impact it has on our overall well-being. Your efforts in sharing this are greatly appreciated.

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