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This morning, I woke up to this thought presented by the Co-Star app -- "You perceive what you are, what you lack, and what you can become"-- and it hit me right between the eyes.

How often do we find ourselves stuck in a rut, convinced that our options are limited? It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, losing sight of the bigger picture and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. We become so focused on our current state—our perceived flaws, our shortcomings—that we forget about our potential and the incredible journey of becoming.

The truth is, perception shapes reality. When we perceive ourselves as limited, we unconsciously create boundaries that don't exist. We box ourselves into a corner, thinking we can't achieve more because we lack certain skills, resources, or opportunities. But what if we shifted our perception? What if we started seeing ourselves not just as we are, but as what we could become?

Consider this: the greatest innovations, the most impactful changes, and the most inspiring stories all began with someone daring to perceive beyond their current state. They saw their potential and decided to pursue it, despite the obstacles and doubts.

At The Authentic Rebel, we're all about breaking free from these self-imposed limits. We're here to remind you that your journey is unique, and your potential is boundless. Radical self-acceptance is not just about loving who you are right now but also embracing who you can become. It's about acknowledging your current self, recognizing what you lack without judgment, and envisioning the amazing person you're destined to be.

So, let's challenge ourselves today. Let's wake up each morning and ask not just, "Who am I?" but also, "Who can I become?" Let's perceive our potential and take steps, however small, towards that vision. Whether it's learning a new skill, reaching out for help, or simply changing our mindset, every action counts.

Remember, the options are never limited unless we perceive them to be. The path to becoming is filled with twists and turns, but it's one worth taking. Let's embrace the possibilities and celebrate every step of the journey together. @Everyone

Jen Engevik
Heidi Millar
Victoria Vaughn
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