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Change your WORLD: Change your FEELINGS....

After 45 years of immersing myself in the creative (painting) art world, I have now changed my life around completely. I now wake up every morning (literally) and guide my day by what I FEEL I want to do. It doesn't matter anymore how productive I am. I am no longer driven by anything except expressing my unique love and feelings for everything about living my life to the fullest.

A popular guru got me on stage after I asked a question about how I could help the world through my art. He raised his hand as if painting a picture and said "OK now THIS brushstroke is going to change the world"! and exclaimed "As if THIS won't give me writer's block!) He then asked me when I started to become an artist. I said I was born with it. Then he said "We all decide what we will do first, then the Universe will provide support". This changed my perspective and I was freed up to not just consider myself an "Artist", but more a person who is expressing herself through art.

Change the world, change your thoughts and feelings!

36 x 48" oil on canvas "Life Force" circa 1980.

Jen Engevik
Marc Bali
Victoria Vaughn
Shandrika McDowell

Hi Lynn! Thank you for sharing this! It is one of my favorites!

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