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Life Coach

Sue Bowles

Sue Bowles, the founder of My Step Ahead, is a compassionate advocate dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health struggles, particularly within Christian communities. Her journey began in 2015 when her pastor emphasized the transformative power of supporting others by being just one step ahead in their growth.

In the midst of her own battle with an eating disorder during Thanksgiving 2016, Sue experienced a profound realization. Despite still navigating her personal challenges, she found herself offering encouragement to others. This revelation, inspired by her pastor's teachings, became the catalyst for My Step Ahead—an organization committed to dispelling the stigma around mental health.​

Under Sue's leadership, My Step Ahead has evolved into a global force, spreading messages of hope through various platforms such as blogs, articles, podcasts, conference workshops, and personalized Life Coaching sessions. Sue's mission is clear: to foster an environment where it's okay not to be okay, encouraging authenticity and dismantling societal expectations. Through her work, she believes that only by shedding our masks and living authentically can individuals discover their inherent value and contribute meaningfully to the world, even as they continue their healing journey.


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