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Erin Faith Kabba

Anne-Marie Emanuelli

Heather Shtuka

Caley Rose

Torri Shack

Eesha Patel

Eesha Patel, recognized as a Galactic Contact Expert, stands at the forefront of exploring and elucidating the intricate realms of galactic consciousness. Her pioneering efforts in this niche field have not only garnered attention but also acclaim from a diverse array of media platforms.

Eesha's insights and research have been spotlighted on significant television networks such as Channel 10 and Channel 7, which are major Australian broadcasters known for their wide reach and influential content. Additionally, her work has resonated on the airwaves through Radio Fremantle, a community radio station that provides a platform for unique voices and perspectives, as well as on the internationally acclaimed radio program Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, a show that delves into paranormal phenomena and explores the mysteries of the universe.

Her role as a thought leader in galactic consciousness signifies her deep involvement and innovative contributions to understanding and communicating with extraterrestrial intelligence and the broader cosmic community. Her approach often intertwines spirituality with scientific curiosity, aiming to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown.

The endorsement of her work by Professor Abraham Loeb, a prominent researcher in the field of UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)/UFOs, further solidifies her status within the scientific and research community. Professor Loeb's recognition is particularly noteworthy given his own respected contributions to astrophysics and his openness to investigating extraterrestrial life through scientific paradigms. This endorsement not only highlights the credibility and significance of Eesha's work but also aligns her with leading-edge scientific inquiry into extraterrestrial phenomena.

Anita Stubenrauch

Anita Stubenrauch is an ex-Apple creative veteran who worked her way from retail store employee to executive speechwriter over a 13-year career, designing presentations given to Steve Jobs, authoring Apple’s Credo, and speechwriting for Angela Ahrendts along the way.

In 2018, Anita left Apple to reconnect with meaning and purpose and joy, and found herself called to help others do the same. Today she’s running a brand-vision writing agency that helps purpose-driven leaders and organizations rally hearts and minds around what fuels their soul—Cause:Effect Creative. And she’s building The Land of Make+Believe, a fourteen-acre, empathy-centered retreat space.

Currently an advisor to, The Believe Initiative, Mind Cure Health Inc., and others, Anita resides on 14 acres in the Sierra foothills of Murphys, California, with three Babydoll Southdown sheep, two Angora goats, two Potbelly pigs, two rescue pups, and one Suri Alpaca.

Still curious? Myers-Briggs: ENTP. Enneagram: Type 8. Ice cream: Ben and Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie.

Hector Garcia

Hector García, the President of MBN Creative Inc., stands as a pioneering entrepreneur in the heart of Anaheim, California, where he founded his branding and design agency specializing in the food and beverage industry over two decades ago. As a first-generation entrepreneur hailing from a challenging background in Los Angeles, García has defied the odds, making his mark in the industry. His dedication to quality and creativity has garnered MBN Creative numerous awards, particularly in the food and beverage sector. Emphasizing core values and delivering tangible results, the agency offers a range of services, including Ai Innovation, branding, package design, in-house photography, print fulfillment, and sales and marketing materials. Beyond business success, García remains deeply committed to the community, partnering with organizations like the Hispanic Network Magazine to support various charitable causes.

To delve into García's inspiring journey and MBN Creative Inc.'s impactful work, interested individuals can visit the agency's official website ( to explore their portfolio and team members. Following MBN Creative Inc. on LinkedIn provides real-time updates on their achievements, while articles in the Hispanic Network Magazine offer deeper insights into García's entrepreneurial path and his dedication to community service. For personalized interaction and advice from this accomplished Hispanic entrepreneur, connecting with García directly on LinkedIn offers a valuable opportunity for networking and learning.

Dr. Cameo Carter

Veronica Prout

Brian Giacobone

Brian Giacobone, a globally acclaimed tattoo artist with a decade of experience, is a maestro in the realm of ink and creativity. Specializing in new school traditional art, Brian's mastery extends to various tattooing styles, showcasing a versatile skill set. Beyond the tattoo studio, Brian channels dedication into refining skills through meticulous fine line drawings and captivating watercolor paintings. A serious and committed artist, Brian Giacobone aspires to cement his name as a world-renowned figure in the tattooing universe.

Steve Kidd

Steve Kidd’s big heart is what set’s him apart. An international best-selling author of multiple books and a 3rd Generation minister, Steve has been coaching business people to success for over 30 years.

In fact. Steve actually started selling at 5 years old! He hosts a weekly radio show called Thriving
Entrepreneur. Steve’s life mission is to spotlight amazing heart-centered people and helping them share their message with the world.

Steve Kidd has worked with over 4000 people to write, publish and market their books to best-seller. His clients have included billionaires, Olympic athletes, doctors, lawyers, and world-renowned inspirational speakers. The books he has helped his client create and market have impacted millions around the world. Steve has run a marketing company for over 36 years, has been in internet marketing for 29 years, and has been doing book marketing for 16 years.

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