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Authentic Rebel Speaker Series

EL'ona Kearny

EL'ona Kearney stands as a beacon of leadership, maternal strength, and advocacy, her life shaped by a unique upbringing and a steadfast commitment to community service. Raised by a Christian non-denominational pastor and a Jewish father, EL'ona, the eldest of five, imbibed early lessons in resilience, advocacy, and unity. These values propelled her to break new ground in high school, leading unity initiatives and spearheading the spirit club, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

Her path took a turn towards service and leadership as she joined the Military Intelligence Battalion. Here, as a computer analyst, EL'ona honed her skills in policy-making while balancing the demanding role of a single mother, a challenge that only deepened her resolve and passion. This period of her life sparked a new journey, leading her to authorship and establishing a groundbreaking nonprofit that connects young minds with policymakers, fostering a new generation of leaders. EL'ona's dedication to her community didn't stop there; she became a vocal advocate for educational funding and took her passion to the halls of Congress, championing various legislative causes. Her academic pursuits culminated in a Bachelor's in Business, segueing into a successful entrepreneurial career focused on forgiveness coaching, embodying her belief in unity and transformative perspectives.

With her eyes set on the Washington State Governorship in 2024, EL'ona is poised to bring her expansive life experiences to the forefront. Her journey, marked by roles as an Army veteran, entrepreneur, and dedicated mother, highlights her unwavering commitment to creating an inclusive, equitable society. EL'ona's campaign, fueled by her life's work and convictions, resonates with themes of family, opportunity, and the unyielding spirit of community. Her vision for a unified future, transcending party lines, positions her as a potentially transformative leader for Washington State. For more information, visit her website at

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