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Patched Hearts Farm Sanctuary

Greetings from Patched Hearts Farm Sanctuary! I'm Courtney Watson, and together with my family, we reside on a sprawling 37-acre property in Michigan. My adventure in animal care began 18 years ago with a role at a quaint animal clinic in Dewitt, Michigan. This position opened my eyes to my true calling - caring for animals. I continued my journey, earning a bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology from Michigan State University. During this time, I encountered numerous cats and dogs in dire need of a nurturing environment, and I was more than willing to offer them the necessary care and affection. In the realm of animal rescue, it's evident that organizations are constantly striving to secure homes for countless animals in need. Recognizing an opportunity to leverage my expertise, I aimed to provide some respite for local animal rescues. The mission of our sanctuary is to welcome animals who require the most attention, particularly those who struggle to find homes due to their unique medical or care needs. By doing so, we not only assist rescue workers but also ensure these animals receive the love, care, and space essential for their flourishing.



Courtney Watson

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