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Figgy Farm Animal Sanctuary

Nestled in the serene landscapes of North Carolina, Figgy Farm Animal Sanctuary stands as a refuge for animals in need, embodying compassion and providing a haven where residents receive care, respect, and a chance at a life filled with love. Established in 2015 by dedicated individuals, the sanctuary goes beyond being a shelter—it's a sanctuary in every sense, offering solace and a second chance to animals that have faced neglect, abuse, or abandonment. Each resident at Figgy Farm is treated with the utmost dignity and the sanctuary operates with a strict no-exploitation policy, creating an environment where animals can express their natural behaviors, build bonds and experience a life free from harm.

In a distinctive fusion of advocacy and community involvement, Figgy Farm Animal Sanctuary promotes its mission under the banner "Figs Not Pigs." This symbolic representation emphasizes the sanctuary's commitment to a vegan lifestyle and serves as a powerful way for the community to actively contribute to the well-being of these animals. Whether engaging visitors through educational programs, guided tours, or the "Figs Not Pigs" campaign, Figgy Farm Animal Sanctuary actively invites the community to join its mission, fostering awareness, empathy and a collective effort towards building a more compassionate and sustainable world.



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